Property attributes in Malaysia – Key things to look for

BY LOANSTREET.COM.MY WHEN purchasing or refinancing a property in Malaysia, there are many different attributes (e.g. Lease, Subdivision, Land Type) the property can have. Each requires different treatment during the conveyance process, and can even affect your housing loan / mortgage application. This article debunks and summarises everything you have ever wanted to know... Continue Reading →

Feng Shui Checklist Author: Jeannie February 6, 2015 There are many factors to consider when assessing the feng shui of the land and the house occupying it. According to Feng Shui master, Master Soon, in feng shui theory, power is derived from the mountains or the rivers and lakes, whichever is “dominant” in a country/region. Malaysia draws... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Property Hotspots in Klang Valley

July 2, 2015 Location, location, location! This has always been the most important motto for property investment experts when acquiring real estate. Although there are other considerations which are just as vital, selecting a property within a prime or strategic locale has been the golden rule of connoisseurs. The wrong choice could have a... Continue Reading →

LRT3 Bandar Utama-Klang rail project LRT3 Bandar Utama-Klang rail project – more details about planned route, list of station names revealed More details about the Light Rail Transit 3 (LRT3) project have emerged, including the planned route, list of stations and their proposed layout plan as well as how the entire line will sit in place within the larger... Continue Reading →

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