Why Malaysia is One of the Best Countries for Expats

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Why Malaysia is One of the Best Countries for Expats

Posted by: Jamie on Wednesday April 17, 2013 (15:02:18)
Redang Beach, Malaysia
Redang Beach, Malaysia
Expats flock to Malaysia because of the beautiful weather, the affordable living costs and the landscape. Not only is Malaysia a top choice for tourists, particularly couples on their honeymoon, but it is becoming one of the best countries in Asia for expats. The South East Asian state has a long history of immigration and its appeal lies in the how easy it is for expats to settle there and the desire for the Malaysian people to have expats settle within their country.Malaysia consists of two regions, Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia (separated by the South China Sea) and both boast beautiful landscapes, from mountains to the ocean. There is something to offer everyone. Eating at the restaurants, shopping, going to a bar, playing golf, are all within reach of everybody thanks to the low costs for leisure activities. In fact, the reasonable cost of living, in general, is one of Malaysia’s most attractive features and selling points.

The climate is warm and tropical and particularly suits retired people. It is expat friendly and offers many opportunities for foreigners to integrate with the expat community and into Malaysian life, with social activities and networking groups. The Malaysian people welcome expats and aim to make foreigners welcome from day 1 of their new lifestyle. This is definitely a fundamental factor in why so many people are choosing to make Malaysia the destination of choice.

The majority of expats decide to settle in Penang and Kuala Lumpur, where various organizations can assist your move and help you connect with others in a similar situation; as well as find employment and arrange visa/permits.

Fortunately, these two places are also centers of excellence for medicine. Healthcare in Malaysia is first class. They perform a number of medical procedures and treatments, often for people who travel into the country especially to take advantage of the health service. Expats learn that not only is the standard of healthcare so high, but it is cheap as well. Prescriptions are affordable.

Malaysia has one of the most stable economies in Asia and the country is financially strong. In fact, the economy is growing, perhaps helped by the expat community and increase in highly skilled workers.

The country boasts a new industrialized market economy which has been growing steadily since the 80s, when the focus turned from agricultural work to more industrial work, in line with the new urban feel and changes to the country as a whole.

Malaysia has been concentrating on attracting skilled workers to the country to set up (or return) there and settle. Expats are encouraged to set up their own businesses in the country and the country offers long length visas for expats who specialize in oil/gas, finance and education sectors.

Malaysia is beginning to expand its economy in areas such as science, tourism, commerce and medical tourism.

Although some safety concerns exist, such as kidnapping, overall expats report to feel safe in the country and crime is relatively low.

Here is a recap of just some of the reasons expats pick Malaysia to live:

– Exotic and exceptional food, with the main influences coming from China and India (curries etc.), but with a variety of Western restaurants in the larger cities
– Cosmopolitan, modern feel with easily accessible opportunities to escape for the weekend
– Excellent climate (temperatures of between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius and a June to October dry season)
– Glorious beaches and stunning landscapes
– Wide choice and range of accommodation, at reasonable prices
– Professional employment opportunities in a wide range of sectors
– Cheap and easy travel with an extensive road and rail network
– Affordable, high standard of healthcare with a first-class reputation
– International schools and good education system
– Efficient and easily accessible personal banking
– A great welcome from locals who understand the role that expats play in their future economy

Malaysia has a diverse mix of cultures, which make it an enjoyable new experience but it is an easy enough country to settle and adjust to.

The fact that Malaysia is so welcoming and works hard to attract foreign investment makes it a good choice for expats who are looking for a comfortable future, stable economy and an excellent overall quality of life.


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